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Dear Italo,

What we have here is...failure to communicate.

The reasons I have not posted anything on the Eventide
group are as follows:

a) there is nothing I could tell anyone there about
   an Eventide.
b) any questions that I had were answered by reading
   the archives.

In fact, I found answers to questions I had not even
considered asking yet.

As far as the Eclipse goes, I know that you have seen
one demo-ed & were impressed. I know that(according to
you) it has 40 seconds of delay time. I know that it
has 5 times the power of the H3000 series. I know that
Eventide is trying to include user favorites from
other Eventide boxes as part of its presets. I know
that it is not shipping yet. I also know that it is
the only product from Eventide that falls within my

I fear I may have offended you by writing....

"Unfortunately, lurking there means reading Italo's
posts on what he's doing to Orville!"

Italo, in truth, I meant that as a compliment, not a
slam. What I should have elaborated on was that
your posts about your Orville patches are not only
entertaining, but informative & inspiring. My use of
the word "unfortunate" simply meant that you blew my
plan & presented me with a problem. The problem
........I want what I can not have. Orville.

So, Italo, it is your fault that I'm even considering
Kyma. I hold you personally responsible for my
of unrequited lust, gear envy, & potential loss of
revenue. Not to mention being unfairly "italocized".
I may consult a lawyer. :)  :)  :)


John Tidwell

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