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RE: Digitec IPS 33B Urgently Required

First off, make sure you get a 33B and not a 33, but you rpobably already
know that!

I would check out some search engines on IPS33  (minus the "B" just in
case).  I have done this search many times.  MOST of what you will find is
recording studios' list of onboard gear, but you may also find stores with
used units for sale.  Sure, they are in the USA, but if you can find one 
cheap, the shipping, etc. will be worth it.

BTW, does anyone know of a good IPS33B webpage?  Perhaps with some settings
listed, or other info/discussions?  I have never been able to find one.

Alex F/Brain21

Brain21 - www.brain21.net
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=>Subject: Digitec IPS 33B Urgently Required
=>> I had my Digitec IPS-33B smashed up in a road accident and 
=>am struggling
=>> to get a replacement.  
=>Can anyone help me to locate a replacement as there doesn't 
=>seem to be any
=>available in the UK ?
=>> Help!