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RE: Digitech ISP33B

I am pretty sure that it is a hard bypass.  BTW, the "Bypass" simply
bypasses teh effects, and not the actual unit.  IOW, it is NOT a TRUE
bypass, and the thing, even in bypass mode, drastically colors your tone!!!
(for better or worse, depending on your taste!).

I have mine set up w/ a Rolls Patchworx bypass, controlled via MIDI, but
have not fully programmed either device to the point where I want to add it
into my rig full time.

Alex F/Brain21

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=>Subject: Digitech ISP33B
=>I recently got a Digitech ISP33B with no manual and no 
=>footswitch.  I understand
=>the FS300 was the footswitch originally shipped with the ISP.
=>However, can anyone give me an alternate footswitch to use 
=>other than going a
=>midi pedal board?
=>All I want is to be able to bypass the effect.  At the moment 
=>I have I stuck in
=>a Boss LS2 Line Selector.
=>Also do the delays/ reverberations etc tail off when the unit 
=>is bypassed or is
=>it a hard bypass - cuts off the effect totally
=>Hope to hear back.
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