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Re: OT; kyma

I wrote:
>I believe this Kyma system appeared on eBay a while back (that 
>seller was also employed by MoTU so I assume it's the same person). 
>It didn't sell, probably because the reserve price was close to the 
>price for a  fully loaded refurbished unit from Symbolic Sound.

A clarification:   Not "fully loaded."  The LS comes with two 
expansion cards, and is configured to have about the same processing 
power as the current generation of Capybara 320 hardware. According 
to Kurt Hebel at Symbolic, there are just a few of these available.

Personally, if I were to spring for a Kyma system I'd pay the $3,300 
for the latest generation, since that would provide 4-channel I/O and 
would be more fully  upgradeable.

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