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Re: Budget filters stupid name

Hi All !

Claude was joking ;^)

This range of units are rebadged from the german MAM range .  Pretty 
silly names they used too .  (maybe even built in UK ?)

The resinator is a triple bandpass filter re-engineered from the 
resonator section of the legendary Korg PS3200 polysynth .  This was 
done by Juergen Haible, also responible for the Synthtech MOTM410 
triple resonator module .  Check out www.synthtech.com for more 
details .  One characteristic of these filters is that their 
frequency is controlled by Vactrol's (led-ldr) .

It gives a kind of chorusing effect .  No cheap Sherman or 
Moogerfooger i'm afraid .  Pretty nice tho .

Hope this helps .

Cheers .

Keep 'em oscillating :)

Hugo (back to lurking, and waiting for the EDP/Repeater in Belgium)