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Re: Budget filters stupid name

At 04:23 AM 4/26/01 EDT, you wrote:
>Has anyone come across a device called the
>THC-00 Resinator  by FAT.
>I've seen it available in UK, with a brief description
>but can't find any info on the web 
>(isn't that the wrong way round altogether?)

I couldn't find much on it either, except for a couple of listings of used
ones for sale. I did find some reviews of other units made by FAT (which
stands for Freeform Analogue Technologies) and the general theme that ran
through those reviews was that the units seemed to be of fairly shoddy
construction. (The other units were a Roland Bassline clone [the Freebass]
and a vocoder [the Procoder PCP-somethingorother]. Sounds like the ganja
fairy's been at work in the UK with that drug-related nomenclature...)