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Re: midi rolls & gig stuff

Just wanted to share my delight in my new looping interface. Thanks to my
new midi rolls pedal I have 4 switches and 4 pedals plugged up and sending
midi messages to Kyma. I used it for the first time live last night. Four
independant stereo delay lines, (3.6secs, 7.2s, 14.4s and 28.8s, (that's a
lot of secs for one night oops )) for some dense texturing/detexturing.
Keepng track of what I recorded where was the only problem.
Incidentally I decided to tell my audience what was going on in the sense
that I was live multitracking. A few people came up and said they
appreciated this information without which they would have assumed I was
using backing tracks.
PS I also used two Leslie speakers, (Dawson & Neilson) - I feel I'm getting
closer to, (lots of reverb) THE ULTIMATE RIG-

Gareth, (calming down now)