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Re: Budget filters stupid name

SoundFNR@aol.com wrote:
> Has anyone come across a device called the
> THC-00 Resinator  by FAT.

the specs look like total CRAP by Amsterdam Coffee shop scale

> I've seen it available in UK, with a brief description
> but can't find any info on the web
> (isn't that the wrong way round altogether?)
> apparently this device takes a mono signal
> then puts it through 3 analogue filters and

3 filter is complete NONSENSE by Amsterdam Coffee shop ISO

> then autopans it.
who can autopan with THC:00 ??
CRAP !!!!
> with LFO, envelope follower,
>  and also CV input
I NEVER endorsed this CRAPPY product

> and it's 1U rackmount
> the ad said it was
> 'good for making loops interesting'
are your loops un-interesting ?
get a life
> at 150 that's a bit tempting
is it 150 a pound ?

it a lot too much for THC:00

guys be pro once!!

Claude Voit