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Re: new cooked member with some cool edit pro ????

ok ok so i have been thurouhly cooked by all of your opinions on piracy 
and software trading... so i retract my call for warez..? 



so what about my ???'s though?? no one has pro tools and can help me with 
the one thing im having trouble with?

ohh and the Billy Bong Thorton is my fav

> ps.  having a chuckle at your 'half-baked' references...perhaps you'd 
> be interested in the Resinator...a product that got discussed here 
> today...say hi to wesley pipes for me...bye.


"Biatch You KnOw what I want"
"I wanna Talk to Sampson"
"take me to the moon like that man peter frampton"
"cause you know its hard being black and gifted"
"sometimes i throw it all down and get lifted"
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