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disrespecting softwares

I'd thought I was going to have to jump in on this one- - - but Goodman 
it all. Thanks.

Eh. Ok. I'll indulge in one thing;

How about the *reverse pirating*? When software, like Internet Explorer or 
Real Player, uses every trick in the book [completely unethical, if novel] 
to maximize their *profit* at user's expense [by knocking out other 
program's, for instance]? How many millions are made this way?

We all need to think this stuff through [I don't mean that patronizingly. 
mean, we're in a paradigm shift]. As I've said before, I'm not sure anyone 
SHOULD own rights to copy, for instance, woodprints [and certainly not 200 
years later]. If a guy wants to carve a log, make 16 prints, thrown the 
away and charge a fortune for the prints- fine. But if someone wants to 
create something, distribute it universally, do everything they can to 
in invaluable, lock the original *woodblock* in a safe rather than destroy 
it, re-define what own/lease means, re-define what a *promise* is [IS a 
click a promise? I click on what makes an image appear on my screen]- - - 
and then tells me, *By the way, I retain ownership and you're a worthless 
thief if you give this disc to your secretary*, well, I ENJOY beating 
lawyers out of their claim to Shakespeare's royalties. It's a wacky, 
irrational, unfair claim.

Mixing my metaphors here, I know, but, if that woodblock is in a safe 
somewhere, my woodprint isn't really worth anything- and who is pirating 

See you in a couple months.

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