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Re: disrespecting softwares

"Robert Eberwein" <robert_eberwein@hotmail.com> put forth:

> ... well, I ENJOY beating
> lawyers out of their claim to Shakespeare's royalties. It's a wacky,
> irrational, unfair claim.

Well, that's something a bit more than a few years old.  How about if you
were Sam Shepard, and someone thought you were making so much money that it
wouldn't make a knock-off production of "Fool for Love"?  How does the fact
that you've made a lot of money off of anything have an effect on the
legality or morality of stealing your work?

> Mixing my metaphors here, I know, but, if that woodblock is in a safe
> somewhere, my woodprint isn't really worth anything- and who is pirating
> who?

How about if someone made a copy of that woodblock, and while not taking
credit for the woodblock's design, made prints through the use of that 
Shouldn't the owner have the right to compensation?  Shouldn't the owner
have the right to do with the woodblock what he or she pleases, whether 
to conceal it in a safe, burn it, or produce t-shirts and dress prints with

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