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Re: Semi-OT Question: Mac Zif Upgrade - G3 vs. G4?

Yo Bobdog and Loopers,

Did you get that nickname from the Swedish band "bob hund"?  Just curious. 
 What a great band.  

Also, I think I'm going to be the only one on the list who has the Yamaha 
DDS-20M 2 second delay/sampler.  No one has mentioned that they even own 
one,  and I can't find anything online about them.  Nothing.  Zero.  Zip!  
A rare bird.  It should be arriving this week.  Can't wait to compare it 
to the Digitech PDS-2000.  And when I called Yamaha they said they'd send 
me an owner's manual.      


>>> Bobdog <bobdog@pseudobuddha.com> 04/30/01 03:25AM >>>
this is the machine i do my loopy/mixy work on, so this question should
be ok*

i will be purchasing a zif upgrade for my mac g3 beige 266 desktop this
week, digital performer being the main application i run on this

questions -

will i see a major difference in audio performance by using a sonnet
versus using an ibm or sonnet g3/500?

versus a metabox g4/400?

reason i ask is that the difference in price will buy 512m of yummy