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Filters and such...

At 06:23 4/30/01 -0400, you wrote:
>> > http://www.line6.com/Main/The_Buzz/Hot_News/FM4Rollout/FM4main.htm
>quite so... I checked out nearly all the mp3s there and not
>one of them really floated my boat.  peculiar, eh?  they
>did SUCH a good job with the DL4, I love that unit's spacey
>effects so much I almost never loop with it!

I am still stuck on a Mutator (http://www.cerbernet.co.uk/mutronics/)  
That and I am sure everyone knows about the Filterbank2... 
www.sherman.be   (mono)

I was accepted to study at CCMix (http://www.upic.asso.fr/) this July. 
Going to be broke, but it will be worth it (what is new?). Any loopers 
the Paris area want to meet up? Curtis Roads is giving his first public 
presentation on his new book on microsound (CREATE web site said this 
would be out in '99!), Carla Scaletti will be presenting on using Kyma 
live, plus other "crazies" of the computer music world.

Any thoughts now on the TC Powercore? It will rock seriously now as they 
have opened it to VST/MAS plugins. I wonder if Kyma will keep its edge 
considering all the cool VST plugin/instruments out there. (Of course it 
will in some regard, but not others; mainly cost and the fact that they 
have committed to a certain software/hardware architecture).

I also had the opportunity to attend (because it was free) what was billed 
as the first microtonal conference: 
It was neat as it gave me a glimpse into music history and a lot of ideas 
and inspiration to try new things. Between the microsound, microtonal, and 
looping worlds there is an unlimited terrain of possibilities. If anyone 
can point me to musical areas farther out there I will have to assume 
intelligence is involved... ;)

Here is my first electronic track created last June (only song I did using 
Rebirth; w/ factory presets nonetheless...): 

I have learned so much since then in terms of recording, etc. It is not 
looping material, but I'll get there soon.

I am stoked to have learned about this opportunity (especially since the 
focus is turntables):

I have a new live DJ mix up at www.egregious.net/comps/  -- Live March 
I like it.

Thanks for the warm welcome when I posted my intro a while back!

Loop on,

"Spiritual renewal through music for those outside the heard."