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Re: questions.

Hello Paul,

Welcome to the list!

Much good info can be found at the Looper's Delight site:

Especially check out:

> I want to layer one
> loop in over another and have them all going at once.  What's the best
> machine to do this with?

The answer to "best" depends on your budget, needs, and floor space.  Many
people start with a relatively simple looper like the Line 6 DL-4 or Akai
Headrush.  Many people really like the more complex loopers such as the
Echoplex Digital Pro (aka EDP or 'plex) or Lexicon Jamman.

The quality of your looping seems to depend more on what comes out of your
head than what comes out of your looper.  Meaning, I suppose, that the tool
is secondary.

> And aren't there time limits on the loops w/
> different machines??

Yes, indeed.  Check out the info in Tools of the Trade.

> Anybody used Electrix "Repeater".  What are its capabilities or
> limitations?

Not many here have used the "Repeater."  (Ok, that's sort of an "inside
joke."  A number of us have been eagerly anticipating the release of the
Repeater.  But the release is behind schedule leading to lots of discussion
Check the archives for full details.)

Dennis Leas