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Re: LA Loop Feste Review

At 4:28 PM 6/29/01, Kevin Mulvihill wrote:
>Hi all,
>Well, I, too, was at the loop feste last night. Herewith is my detailed
>review. Grab a cup of coffee, if it isn't yet too late, and enjoy.

Man, this just sounds like it was a terrific scene. Wish it was closer!

> He clearly had no idea who I was -
>and he had no reason to for we had never met. So, in just that one brief
>second, with a smile on my face, I thought about introducing myself. "Hi,
>I'm David Torn," I wanted to say. lol.

Kevin, you are an evil dude!
>He played first, starting a few minutes later at about 8:00. I can
>appreciate the fact that he was nervous. Andre seemed eager to get his set
>over with because he constantly asked what time it was after nearly every
>song. I don't understand why he felt that way. The guy soared! He did it 
>with guitar and he worked the EDP extensively. He is a master of the EDP! 
>have an EDP myself, that I got a few months ago. But I also have a ztar 
>and a Kurzweil K2600 rack synthesizer. And since I've never really had a
>synth to play with before, I haven't had a lot of time to spend learning 
>EDP. I'm still a beginner. But, my oh my, was I impressed. I didn't know 
>Echoplex could do all that stuff!

I just picked up Andre's Disruption Theory CD (finally!), and he is one
burning player. Andre, I understand being nervous and all that, but you've
got no reason to be!

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