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Re: More on EDP "multiply" bugs

O my peeps,

> If I hit "undo" *after* I've finished the multiply (by hitting
> multiply a second time), the material that recorded during the multiply
> is erased, but the loop length remains multiplied.  This isn't what I
> want.  I know that I can "trim" the loop back to a single cycle, but
> that's extra (and annoying) work.  Anyone else consider this to be a
> shortcoming?

I personally don't consider it a shortcoming, but I think it depends
upon exactly what you're trying to do.   And depending on the length
of the multiple/cycle, it might scarcely take any additional time...

If you basically want to multiply a loop, and then instantly reduce it
to a single cycle with no sound...  Hmmm.  Off the top of my head I'm
not 100% sure how one would do that, but Insertmode=replace would be a
good place to start.  Multiple loops would be another strategy.

This is the usual point in a thread when Kim pipes in with the
brilliantly simple and obvious answer that we've all overlooked, so...

> I have been using record or overdub to end a remultiply a lot, thus 
> a new cycle.  Does this "bug" manifest itself in this case?  (I would 
> it out myself, but nothing is set up right now.)

I don't THINK so, but don't quote me on it.  Part of what gives the
Sylmar trick it's characteristic sound is that it scrolls through the
memory of different cycles, even after those cycles have been deleted.
 But I believe that ending a remultiply with record or overdub wipes
the memory in such a way that this doesn't happen.

Again, though, I'm quite possibly setting myself up for correction
here...  Fire away, y'all.

--Andre LaFosse