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RE: Againinator Image


great, please create an againinator for me (so much about the wonders of
misquoting ;-).

An option I'd greatly appreciate would be the inclusion of the notorious
"PHATNESS" button. This is a simple on-off-button that includes massive
analogue-style-compression, slight distortion, expanded stereo image, a
"Badewannenkurve" (+xdB at 120Hz, slight drop below) EQ and massively 
filter sweeps.
Apart from the "hardware" interface including lots of pushbuttons, dials 
blinking LEDs, all in bright colors, a large TFT touchscreen display should
be included. This display can display any effects processor ever created
(idea for software update: anything ever created) and then simulate it.

As for the size debate: why not an angled rack mount, with controls on top
and in the front? The controls on top could be used i.e. for the integrated
mixer (with all auxes wired to PRE, and assignable crossfaders for the DJ
clientele), and the front houses the large TFT screen.

I don't know if anybody remembers digital storage works or if they still
exist, but it would be nice if we could plug in storage works hard drives
from the rear - I'd suggest to organize the storage architecture as two
independent U320-SCSI RAID5-Clusters with hot swapping featuring the 170GB
Seagate drives. And of course we need built-in ATM and UMTS connectivity -
and a GPS receiver - and an internet connection to download software 
and messages from Looper's Delight...

Ahhhm...basically I'd suggest a black housing (like Waldorf Microwave XT) 
a 6mm Titanium casing. Perhaps there would even be room for some of those
vacuum tube things they used in really old gear as a VU meter (an old
Telefunken tape machine owned by my parents (my mother inherited it from 
father) has two of them) ?

I'd be glad to contribute to the againinator project by creating stupid
technical descriptions and perhaps some technical drawings - and even some
rave reviews from famous DJs and politicians (Al Gore: "Using the new
software update for the Againinator UltraSim interface, we were even able 
againinate Watergate !").

Rainer Straschill
Moinlabs GFX and Soundworks - www.moinlabs.de
digital penis expert group - www.dpeg.de
The MoinSound Archives - www.mp3.com/moinlabs

> Being both a gearhead and Photoshop pro, I'll offer to create
> an Againinator