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RE: Againinator Image

At 4:41 AM -0700 7/3/01, Rainer Straschill wrote:
>An option I'd greatly appreciate would be the inclusion of the notorious
>"PHATNESS" button. This is a simple on-off-button that includes massive
>analogue-style-compression, slight distortion, expanded stereo image, a
>"Badewannenkurve" (+xdB at 120Hz, slight drop below) EQ and massively 
>filter sweeps.

When I push the Phatness button on my test unit, it just turns my baseball
cap around and my pants seem to get 5 sizes too big for me. It sounds
exactly the same though. Is there something wrong with my unit?

However, I notice the kids in my neighborhood don't beat me up as much when
I use this function, so if this is a bug, please don't fix it!


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