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Re: Againinator Image

No, it is not a bug.  The Phatness˘ control is psychically induced by 
taking a
Chuck D. brain pattern and imposing it on the looper and his or her 
It doesn't really change the sound at all, however it changes your attitude
relative to the music, therefore making it "Phat"

Dr. Eldon Tyrell (will someone please "get" this obscure reference?)

Kim Flint wrote:

> At 4:41 AM -0700 7/3/01, Rainer Straschill wrote:
> >An option I'd greatly appreciate would be the inclusion of the notorious
> >"PHATNESS" button. This is a simple on-off-button that includes massive
> >analogue-style-compression, slight distortion, expanded stereo image, a
> >"Badewannenkurve" (+xdB at 120Hz, slight drop below) EQ and massively 
> >filter sweeps.
> When I push the Phatness button on my test unit, it just turns my 
> cap around and my pants seem to get 5 sizes too big for me. It sounds
> exactly the same though. Is there something wrong with my unit?
> However, I notice the kids in my neighborhood don't beat me up as much 
> I use this function, so if this is a bug, please don't fix it!
> kim
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