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Re: Againinator Image

6U half rack, definitely.  I need the space.


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From: "David Myers" <dmgraph@earthlink.net>
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Sent: Monday, July 02, 2001 10:00 AM
Subject: Againinator Image

> Thanks for the suggestions, Kim.  Sound On Sound Magazine
often "spotlights"
> this sort of product, and it would be a blast to see it on
Harmony Central!
> Being both a gearhead and Photoshop pro, I'll offer to create
an Againinator
> image (you didn't think that Repeater we've been looking at
for a year was a
> photo, did you?).  Listmembers should post their suggestions
for physical
> characteristics, color, displays, knobs, and so forth.
Subject to the whim
> of the artiste, natch.
> I'm leaning toward a 6U half-rack or maybe a purple pod...
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> on 7/2/01 3:41 AM, Kim Flint at kflint@loopers-delight.com
> >> With all "respect" given to the upcoming (I will bet cash
money) release of
> >> the Repeater, I have to say that the Againinator thread is
> >> hilarious!  Can somebody collect all the posts and put up a
page on the web
> >> site?  I am serious--this stuff is paralyzingly funny.  I
did a search from
> >> the web page but it eliminates posts over ten lines and
won't give me HTML.
> >> Anybody?
> >> Thanks for all the info and entertainment.
> >> Gary
> >
> > If someone wants to put together an LD web page for it, I'd
be happy to add it
> > to the LD "tools of the trade" pages. Maybe a few of you
Againinator users
> > could send in a review?
> >
> > And Gern, Electros should put out a press release for this
exciting soon-to-be
> > product. You really need to tell the world about it. I can
put that up on
> > Looper's Delight as well. Maybe you can get it on Harmony
Central. Then all
> > the Againinator users can submit comments on it for the
> > effects database! That should really help the back-ordering
pick up!
> >
> > BTW, this search should bring you all the againinator posts:
> >
> >
> > gifields=case&.cgifields=partial&.cgifields=restricttofiles
> >
> >
> > kim