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RE: Againinator wish list

Hi Gern-

I would like all of those same features, but in a footpedal. Please try
to keep it small because I only have room in my pedal board for one more
boss-sized pedal. Also, I get easily confused by too many buttons, so if
you could make it totally controllable with 3 buttons or less that would
be great. Don't sacrifice any features though, I need them all!! Please
make sure the buttons are big, sturdy and clearly marked, because I
usually perform in either my old smelly Birkenstocks or knee-high
steel-toed platform boots. During my ambient solo sets, I need to be
able to jump off the speaker cabinets, land on the Againinator pedal,
spit fire, and tap an accurate delay time all while shrooming. (that's
how I keep the audience awake....)  All these other wussy pedals I have
keep breaking for some reason! Their pedals suck! I hope Electros can
deliver a better product, or the loop composition I've been working on
for 19 years will be totally ruined and my career will be over!!!

you are da bomb!

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From: Allan Hoeltje [mailto:ahoeltje@best.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 12:47 PM
To: Loopers Delight
Subject: Againinator wish list

Here is my Againinator feature wish list:

It is big.  It is at least as big and beautiful as a large Moog modular
synth.  (See www.synthmuseum.com/moog/moomod04.html for an image.)

It is modular so that multiple Againinator delay units can be added.

It has digital patch cords and all the modular units have digital inputs
outputs.  And MIDI control - yes, more cables!

Other digital effects modules can be added so that the delay feedback
signals can be routed through various effects, such as the BlenderQueen
(tm), etc.

Seriously, I do want a completely modular digital audio shredding
It would have individual dedicated modules for filters, reverb,
chorus, etc., all of which can be added in any combination and be
patched in
any order.  All audio signals are digital, no line level analog signals
exist except in the main in/out module which has a top of the line

Sure, one may be able to do this in software with a Kyma, but I want an
impressive wall of electronics and lots of cables and knobs!