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Re: What effect is this?

http://www.greenplastic.com/gear/ gives you an idea of the stuff Radiohead 
using.  What you're talking about is the Korg KAOS pad.  I've owned one 
for a
year now, and I'm amazed at the bang/buck on this little box.  VERY cool.  
wish it were a bit smaller, so that I could velcro it to my guitar body, 
it's designed for DJs.  I use it to give variation to my sequences in real 


Rainer Straschill wrote:

> Dear Loopers,
> I recently saw a Radiohead concert video on Bavarian TV. In one piece, 
> singer played Fender-Rhodes and sang like his pet parrot just died 
> night, all while another guy from the group crouched on the floor with a
> small electronic gadget in his lap. The main component of this thingie 
>was a
> x-y "Ribbon" controller (backlit in red) which he used to sample parts of
> the vocal line and then "scratch" them. Could anyone tell me what effect
> this was (based on this description or on his knowledge of gear used by
> Raidohead) ?
> Thanks,
>         Rainer
> Rainer Straschill
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