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Re: Any dj's using loops live? (R. Zvonar)

> At 2:18 PM +0000 7/10/01, Brian Parker wrote:
> >What are you talking about in that reply? No shit your not a dj. I'm 
> >looking for people who mix vinyl or cd's in clubs or raves who add 
> >loops to their sets. By definition these types of people are dj's 
> >and their auduences DO consider them dj's. dj='disc' jockey.
> OK, my young friend, I'll spell it out:
> Despite the fact that I'm an old codger who couldn't care less about 
> the DJ scene per se, I have been using similar techniques in 
> performance since you were in nappies. 

[more well-crafted, richly deserved abuse follows!]

Wince!  not that he didn't deserve it.

I might add that I've noticed this weird sort of attitude
from DJs towards players and composers many times.  

I believe it's because they are subsconsciously aware that 
they depend on us for their material whereas we create our
own material.

There's also the aspect that as a DJ you can't really create
intellectual property (like, get songwriting royalties) so
it makes it hard to release CDs and make money that way.
You have to keep working, spinning -- like a shark, if you
stop moving, you sink to the bottom and die...


semper ubi sub ubi