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Re: Any dj's using loops live? (R. Zvonar)

Tom Ritchford wrote :

> > At 2:18 PM +0000 7/10/01, Brian Parker wrote:
> >
> > >What are you talking about in that reply? No shit your not a dj. I'm
> > >looking for people who mix vinyl or cd's in clubs or raves who add
> > >loops to their sets. By definition these types of people are dj's
> > >and their auduences DO consider them dj's. dj='disc' jockey.
> >
> > OK, my young friend, I'll spell it out:
> >
> > Despite the fact that I'm an old codger who couldn't care less about
> > the DJ scene per se, I have been using similar techniques in
> > performance since you were in nappies.
> [more well-crafted, richly deserved abuse follows!]
> Wince!  not that he didn't deserve it.
> I might add that I've noticed this weird sort of attitude
> from DJs towards players and composers many times.
> I believe it's because they are subsconsciously aware that
> they depend on us for their material whereas we create our
> own material.
> There's also the aspect that as a DJ you can't really create
> intellectual property (like, get songwriting royalties) so
> it makes it hard to release CDs and make money that way.
> You have to keep working, spinning -- like a shark, if you
> stop moving, you sink to the bottom and die...
>    /t
> --
> semper ubi sub ubi

Maybe it is not always the musical materials you could create or use which
is significant in DJing,
but mainly the way you do it in your job
that's probably makes some slightly differences between DJs, the way they
do it.

Musicians are Gardeners, DJs are cooks ?