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Re: Repeater in 10 days!?!?!

Double talk coming from Electrix?  In case no one remembers, last November
they announced it would be in stores in a few weeks, then a few days before
the release date they said, "We've got to redesign the power supply.  It
will be another 30-40 days."  That story also didn't ring true, and panned
out to not be.  Again, an Electrix salesman SWORE to me (at the Banannas at
Large demo) that the Repeater would be in stores the 15th of June.  That
day came and went too.  Don't hold your breath, is my position.

I know you're probably saying, "Mark, of course you're against Electrix, as
a major stockholder of Electos Inc breeders of the Againinator." but the
truth is, I WANT A REPEATER NOW!!!!!!!!  I am so jones'n for it, as are a
lot of us.  I admire them for not wanting to release a subpar product, but
I wish they'd just come clean and let us know the TRUTH.  We're a bright
bunch, and I'm sure we all understand that Electrix is a small company.  I
know no one stands to make billions (holds pinkie up to edge of lip) on the
Repeater.  I know it is a labor of love.  I'd love it if someone there just
said something like, "We're really having trouble with the code." or "The
factory shipped us units with slices of Pizza in each unit."  I'd get on
the sidelines, dust off my pom-poms and start rooting for the underdog.
This weird little leaking of info to the list just make me sad.  (pets
hairless cat)


Bret wrote:

> --- Mark Pulver <mark@redmoon-music.com> wrote:
> >Functionality is all there, the manual is complete,
> > and they've been "code complete" for a while. It's all about
> last->minute tweaks at this point.
> >
> > Mark
> If the last minute tweaks are not code, then what could they be?  In my
> industry, "code complete" means you lock the code, the tweaks are done,
> and the testing on the tweaks is done.
> When you tweak the code, you must regression test.
> I know nothing of the repeater particulars, I was just confused by the
> 2 comments that seemed contrary to one another.
> I hope the repeater is available soon.   Don't we all?
> Else there will be more againator design sessions here ;-)
> bret
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