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I just give the sound man a stereo feed and use my own in-ear monitoring -
at least then it sounds good to me and I just tell the sound man/woman to
pan hard right and left, with no eq.
It takes a real idiot to mess up those instructions - though last time I
played out of doors and followed the above I came down from stage and asked
a freind how it went and he said"fine but I though you could have done more
with stereo placement". I replied that the sound was bouncing all over the
place - turns out the PA man runs it all in mono!!


just got in from my gig opening for SUGAR DADDY AND THE BIG BONED
GALS.....went in 2 hours early for a sound check....."we supply all the
speakers etc.".....the sound guy took all my inputs and rearranged them in
mixer and sent it out to his console.....for about 2 mins this sounded ok
(total sound check) but i was worried and not quite happy.....i am not a
great or even good player, but i do pride myself in "my sound".....WELL,
o'clock comes and the first note i hit sounds like *shit* and i begin to 
worried.....this is nothing like what we had set up and his configuration
totally freaked me, things were not where they should have been.....where
the sound guy, NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.....yikes, the show must go on and no 
wants to see a 53 year old man cry, although i was sweating like a pig in
sahara, so thankfully they could not see my tears.....IT WAS AWFUL, i had 
control of anything, boy does that make you feel like being
adventuresome.....then after cutting it about 10 mins. short everyone comes
up and says "wow that was cool " and LIES to that effect.....thankfully the
WILD TURKEY (sorry no scotch) kicked in and i did not burn my guitar and
rang.....i will never play through someone elses system again.....in fact,
this solo thing is getting to weird, i need other warm bodies to help the
tunes out.....sorry for such a goofy post but if i cant share this with you
all who can i share it with.....:(m