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Don't give up on the solo gig!  I hook everything together on my mackie
onstage and send the outs through a D/O back to the sound guy and control 
much as I can from stage. My last gig was as minimal as it can possibly 
Looping voice, I usually use a JamMan, and two old EchoPlus DSPs. Well, two
of the three died prior to the gig, so I did my set with ONE EchoPlus, my
voice, and a harmonica. Now I'm all about minimalism. Intimacy is good.
Congrats on your gig!
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> I just give the sound man a stereo feed and use my own in-ear monitoring 
> at least then it sounds good to me and I just tell the sound man/woman to
> pan hard right and left, with no eq.
> It takes a real idiot to mess up those instructions - though last time I
> played out of doors and followed the above I came down from stage and
> a freind how it went and he said"fine but I though you could have done
> with stereo placement". I replied that the sound was bouncing all over 
> place - turns out the PA man runs it all in mono!!
> Gareth
> just got in from my gig opening for SUGAR DADDY AND THE BIG BONED
> GALS.....went in 2 hours early for a sound check....."we supply all the
> speakers etc.".....the sound guy took all my inputs and rearranged them 
> my
> mixer and sent it out to his console.....for about 2 mins this sounded ok
> (total sound check) but i was worried and not quite happy.....i am not a
> great or even good player, but i do pride myself in "my sound".....WELL,
> 8:00
> o'clock comes and the first note i hit sounds like *shit* and i begin to
> worried.....this is nothing like what we had set up and his configuration
> totally freaked me, things were not where they should have been.....where
> was
> the sound guy, NOWHERE TO BE FOUND.....yikes, the show must go on and no
> wants to see a 53 year old man cry, although i was sweating like a pig in
> the
> sahara, so thankfully they could not see my tears.....IT WAS AWFUL, i had
> control of anything, boy does that make you feel like being
> adventuresome.....then after cutting it about 10 mins. short everyone
> up and says "wow that was cool " and LIES to that effect.....thankfully
> WILD TURKEY (sorry no scotch) kicked in and i did not burn my guitar and
> rang.....i will never play through someone elses system again.....in 
> this solo thing is getting to weird, i need other warm bodies to help the
> tunes out.....sorry for such a goofy post but if i cant share this with
> all who can i share it with.....:(m