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Re: Too many loopers, not enough auxes...

In a message dated 7/21/01 9:16:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time, tcn62@ici.net

I'm still far from sure that it's the best way to connect it all, though.
How have you guys approached using a massed pile of several simple loopers
in combination (as opposed to a more multi-functioned device like the EDP)?

my problem also tim.....its time for the yearly "please post your signal
path" thread.....with the addition of all the electrix pieces that lots of us
got, i have no idea what im doing (as if i ever did).....this is how i am set
up today:

my ae-185 has two outs, one piezo and one elec.....piezo->sans amp gt-2->
mackie 1202 vlz-pro (channel 3).....
electric-> mackie 1202 (channel 4).....
aux send 1->zoom 2100->digi space pedal xp 300->boss delay dm-3->boomerang
both line out and aux out ->filter factory->warp factory->mo-fx one left out
straight to mackie 1202 (channel 1)right out->de armond twister (phase
shifter)->mackie1202 (channel 2).....
aux send 2->alesis q-2 right back into aux returns.....
casio cz-5000 and mic both go straight to the mackie1202

here is a question for rang users, do you fine a real drop off in power with
the aux send on the rang? i really got to boost its volume at the
mackie.....ok, now if anyone got this far in my post and you have suggestions
please post me off list.....i bet there are almost infinite ways to connect
all of this stuff and i would be so sad to miss some obvious goonzo
connection making my system sound a little bit like the famed "againinater"
(sp?).....perhaps this is too much to hope for.....:)m

p.s. i will be curious to see how this post prints on LD