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R: Best Rack Mixer was Re: R: Too many loopers, not enough auxes...

You could try giving a look at Behringers and Mackies (not to get back to 
old discussion, but they are almost 90% the same). In the Behringer site
(www.behringer.com) go and see the Eurorack mx2642a. It has 6 sends, 4
groups (+ the stereo out), 8 mono and 4 stereo channels, 8 inserts, 
phones and control room outputs. I'm currently using the Mx2004a, a scaled
down version of this one. Now I'm thinking about changing the mixer with a
2642 or a 3242. The latter one even has a virtualizer multifx processor
inside, and 32 mono inputs (16 mic channels), and an internal "talkback
In the mackie line you could see the new 1604vlz or the 2404vlz
(www.mackie.com). These are the best in their price range. Else you could
try digital ones (yamaha pro1 or pro3).


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Subject: Best Rack Mixer was Re: R: Too many loopers, not enough auxes...

> Hi.
> This thread is reminding me that the pots on my mixer (Roland M-16)
> are getting old and flaky. Can anyone recommend a reasonably compact
> rackable mixer with at least 4 sends?
> Thanks.
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