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needs for the show.

awright, tons o' interest here, so we need to all get 
ourselves in order.

First need is a little demo from each of you/us.

An mp3 is great if you have it:  send me a URL or
the actual file and I'll put it up.

Otherwise if you can send me a CD then I'll rip that
and put it up.  DATs or MDs work too but my cassette
player is not working now...

Basically, I'm not going to misrepresent any of you!

At this point you are committed to nothing, except that
you're "interested" in doing this show or series of shows.

So here's what I want:

0. send it to me, not to the list!
   I'll summarize all the results at the end.

1. name of your act.
2. a clear, short, catchy description.
3. one or more mp3s.
4. (optional, recommended) a URL for your website.
5. (optional, recommended) a performer's bio (where you've
   played, etc.)
6. (optional) photos or other promotional material in electronic

send 'em along and I'll organize them!

I already have some of this information from some of you,
if you want to send it again that's fine or I'll compile

We're not in a tearing hurry but I'll be making a first 
pass at creating a page for all this on Wednesday night.

Thanks to all!



Nous sommes tous des wombats.