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Re: Creating a venue

"Travis Hartnett" <tiktok@sprintmail.com> put forth:

> > Often the 'venue' has been 'created' by enterprising folks renting a
> > studio, gallery or some other type of space because there's no real
> > booking this kind of stuff.
> This is so true.  If you can't find somewhere appropriate to play your
> (and if you're reading this, you probably can't), making that place
> is often the only option.  I think experimental musicians would do well 
> borrow the "house concert" idea from the folk world.  In addition to the
> electronic, loopy Electrochakra, I also play in an acoustic guitar trio
> Steve Ball Roadshow).  Recently we played at a house concert here in
> Seattle, and it was an ideal performance situation as far as I'm
> concerned--playing for between 30 and 50 people who have come to listen
> attentively to music, in a friendly, good-sounding space (large living
> room/dining room area of the host) organized by a sympathetic individual
> is in it for their love of music (100% of the earnings go to the

Here's one I hope you'll really like.  I was trying some time ago to get
together with LA looping - especially ambient - musicians, and get a 
show together, that would go on for nearly 24 hours total.  There was a
place that was formerly a chinese restaurant, up in North Hollywood,
converted to an "after-hours" place.  I can't remember the name right now
but I'll sniff it up if you want.  Basically I had a long talk with the
owner (who turned into "Miss Debbie" after midnight) and he was very, very
interested in something like this.  Unfortunately for me I ended up having
car troubles up the ying-yang, and never was able to get back to him about
this.  The place had little television screens everywhere, and a central
video source.  Speakers everywhere, couches and such.  An ice cream
parlour-style counter, the whole thing.  I hope he's still got it there, as
he was hosting "events" such as film opening parties and such.  I wish I
could remember the name of the place, but I'm only one coffee into the day,
and it's bloody hot here.

Let me know if you guys in LA are interested - I think it'd be a super 
to do something.

Stephen Goodman
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