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Re: OT: why musicians can't eat -- and why radio is so bad

I must say that all this wingeing regarding how bad radio is just makes me
want to remind you that all you guys/gals in America are lucky. AT LEAST

>From my visits to the US I was amazed at how cool college radio was... As 
new musician or band you have a route... First your local college station,
then the area stations then the alternative majors pick up on it... then
Here in Norway THERE IS NOTHING, well maybe the occasional pirate that
lasts 3 weeks then gets shut down, just about the time you hear about it.
And it aint much different in England (Where I come from) All you got is
BBC Radio 1...and thats Top 40 only till very late at night where John Peel
still occasionaly gets wheeled out to play The Fall!

Radio has ALWAYS been bad, and probably always will be... except that in
the US at least there is the possibility via free enterprise that anyone
could start a station!

Just my tuppence ha-penny

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As several people have mentioned, the terribleness of radio
could be the opportunity real music needs to get ahead....

** as much as i bleive radio pretty much blows. the truth of the matter is
that a lot of people seem to like it - - maybe WE are just out of step.

just an idea as an antidote to my usual self-congratulatory ways.