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Re: OT: why musicians can't eat -- and why radio is so bad

I don't suppose you can pick up Radio 3 in Norway can you. I'm sure some of
their SUPERB broadcasts are available on the net.
Apart from speech programs of generally impeccable quality there are
programmes like "mixing it" featuring anything from the aphex twin to
plunderphonics. Tonight, for instance  we have 2 hours of womad music from
Reading Festival including :
Jamaican Ska, saharan music, malian guitarist Afel Bocoum, Mabulu from
mozambique and impromptu live studio performances.
PS We are lucky here in the UK to have uncompromising DJ's like John Peel
and Andy Kershaw too.
Not that I'm complacent but there is a great deal of top notch stuff over
here that wouldn't exist if it were simply left to market forces. Thank 
(fade up Land of Hope and Glory) and three cheers, for the good old BBC!


> Here in Norway THERE IS NOTHING, well maybe the occasional pirate that
> lasts 3 weeks then gets shut down, just about the time you hear about it.
> And it aint much different in England (Where I come from) All you got is
> BBC Radio 1...and thats Top 40 only till very late at night where John
> still occasionaly gets wheeled out to play The Fall!
> Radio has ALWAYS been bad, and probably always will be... except that in
> the US at least there is the possibility via free enterprise that anyone
> could start a station!