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Boss RC-20 / Boomerang price comparison

In an earlier post from a member, there was mentionof the RC-20 being
"more affordable" than a Boomerang.  Check it out:

In order to have "hands-free" operation of your RC-20 ($269.99), you'd
need 2 FS-FU footswitches ($26.99 each); one for reverse, and another
for phrase select.  For input/output level control and fade-out, a
FV-300L ($99.99) is required.  Total cost: $423.96.

A Boomerang ($449.99) needs no additional pedals or switches.  And it's
only $23.06 more than the 'rang.  Real "low-cost" looper, huh?

As for memory storage: Why? The purpose of a looper is spontaneity and
live performance.  Wanna record? Buy a multitrack.  Playing to
pre-recorded phrases is basically karaoke.

Yep - I'm gettin' closer by the minute to opting for the 'rang.
Why, some might venture that I already have! :)