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Re: software..somewhat OT

    Photoshop actually has a pref setting so that you can choose the max
number of previous steps on the history pallette ...

    Thank God (or whatever higher power you like) for the History pallette.


    (graphic designer by day, looper by night.)

on 8/27/01 11.53 AM, Mark at sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:

> Hey,
> I'm a pretty hard core Mac user, and I have plenty of programs that allow
> multipal undos.  I think it has more to do with RAM than how the program 
> written than it does with the OS.  Since Photoshop 5, there's been a 
> function that let's you go back as far as your memory allows. (it's a 
>ram hog,
> I
> must say) it even has a brush that lets you choose a previous memory 
>state and
> "paint" with it.  Anyway, I'm not sure if Metro gives you multipal 
>undos, but
> I'll check when I get my new G4.
>> As far as I the undo, Protools is the same if I remember correctly. 
>It's an
>> old school mac paradigm, that some people never fixed. It's been a year
>> since I touched Slo-tools myself, so I may have forgotten.
>>>> is anyone here using logic on a mac?  i 'd love to hear privately from
>>>> anyone who uses this system on a professional or semi-pro basis. i
>>> have been
>>>> using protools for quite a while, but have been seeing the logic 
>>>> around more and more and i'm curious.
>>> I hear it has one level of undo and NO redo, and that
>>> there's an issue in the architecture such that
>>> this will never be rectified.
>>> !
>>> This would scotch my purchase of it.  I still find this
>>> hard to believe but I've heard it on two lists now.
>>>   /t
>>> --
>>> I am the wombat.

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