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Re: software..somewhat OT

yes,  protools now allows for about three or four levels of undo. you can
redo sometimes...i can't quite figure out what the parameters are.... i
think that if there is only one undo-able event when you hit apple/Z (for a
second time) it will undo the undo...


on 8/27/01 11:16 AM, Mike Feeney at feeneymike@yahoo.com wrote:

> Photoshop actually has a pref setting so that you can choose the max
> number of previous steps on the history pallette ...
> Thank God (or whatever higher power you like) for the History pallette.
> ;)))
> Mike
> (graphic designer by day, looper by night.)
> on 8/27/01 11.53 AM, Mark at sine@zerocrossing.net wrote:
>> Hey,
>> I'm a pretty hard core Mac user, and I have plenty of programs that 
>> multipal undos.  I think it has more to do with RAM than how the 
>program is
>> written than it does with the OS.  Since Photoshop 5, there's been a 
>> function that let's you go back as far as your memory allows. (it's a 
>> hog,
>> I
>> must say) it even has a brush that lets you choose a previous memory 
>> and
>> "paint" with it.  Anyway, I'm not sure if Metro gives you multipal 
>undos, but
>> I'll check when I get my new G4.