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Re: Software..somewhat OT

i've been using Logic Platinum on a mac G4 for about 3 months now. 
IMO, the sequencers of choice fall into the same trap as the PC vs. 
Mac thing.  they're just tools and you choose your preference.

so far, my impressions of Logic:

-very, very powerful (think photoshop here...could you 'master' 
photoshop in a week?  a month?  a year? i've been on it 
professionally for 7 years and still learning)
-very unintuitive at times
-very flexible...almost to a fault...you tell Logic how you want to 
work more that it telling you how to work.
-elegant in its approach...once you get it.
-if you work with midi, the environment is the "book of secrets".  it 
is incredibly flexible and powerful, but can leave even experienced 
people scratching their heads.  i spent a good deal of time on logic 
users forums and chasing info...this seems to be a common area of 
both complaints and wow's.
-hyperdraw rocks...pan and volume envelopes ala acid.
-loop sequences or audio regions with a single key click?  pretty cool to 

if anybody's got any good tricks up their sleeves on logic, i'd love 
to hear 'em, or discuss problems/hurdles crossed.  email me off list.

now that i've got my template all set up in Logic for how i want, 
i've loaded it onto a G3 powerbook as well.  With my MOTU 828, i'm 
looking forward to knocking on some friends doors for some impromptu 
recording sessions...  lookout, cliff!