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Re: no repeater wet/dry mix? that's silly.

At 07:33 PM 8/28/2001, Tom Ritchford wrote:
>Eric Williamson <erwill@suitandtieguy.com> wrote:
>>no mix control: really really bad. it means i have to hit two switches 
>>of just one to route an instrument to the loop (the way i work, with a 
>>it also makes processing of loop feedback (i've really got into the whole
>>loopfeedbackthroughpitchshift thing lately) damn near impossible.
>>even if the mix control was only addressable in software, or was a simple
>>selection between 50/50 or all wet, this would be a non-issue.
>YES -- this is exactly what I feel as well.  I also use a mixer --
>I can't see how you can manage multiple effects units without
>a mixer! -- and I always want all my effects to be all wet and no dry at 

>I can see that DJs would be much happier with that
>because they'd play right THROUGH the unit -- you'd
>use the output of the machine as your final mix!
>Guitarists and such would also play THROUGH the unit
>and right into an amp.

An observation here... I think what you guys using external mixers want is 
just 100% wet output, not a mix control. Oftentimes devices even have such 
a dedicated output.

For a basic setup without a mixer, where you might just have something 
like  Guitar -> looper -> amp, you are right you definitely want the 
sound to go through. But I think that is also where a mix knob is most 
handy. It does a simple version of what you guys are able to do with your 
mixer. (normally, anyway.)  At some points you will want whatever you are 
playing to blend into the loop more, so you'll be wanting an even mix, and 
other times you might want the loop to be back a bit so you can solo over 
it, or maybe you want the loop louder so the new things you are adding are 
not so obvious until they are in the loop. For the people who don't have 
the refrigerator racks of doom that you guys use, the simple little mix 
knob does that for them.

I'm not a dj, but I know they like to play with the crossfade a lot, which 
is also basically a mix knob. So I would think it's the same deal there.

I haven't used a repeater, so I don't know, but it seems to me that with 
all those faders and the input level control you could manage just fine 
these applications. In fact it may even be too much for the keep-it-simple 
set. When you are in the middle of a solo a simple mix control is probably 
a lot easier to deal with. but you do have options here.


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