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international field recording artists?

Hey everyone,

I'm in the middle of creating volume 2 of a compilation of music made
entirely from field recordings, and due to some re-organization and people 
dropping out, I have 1 (maybe two) openings for new musicians to submit 

First of all, I'm really trying to maximize the location diversity of this 
collection. (This will be more thoroughly explained in a bit, but I don't 
want to waste anybody's time.) Since I already have contributors from 
locations, I can't take any more work based in:

United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic
New Zealand

Anybody from outside these areas is a good candidate, but extra priority
goes to interested musicians working with sounds from:

South America
Antarctica (?)
Middle East
Eastern Europe

Ok, the idea behind the compilation is to pick a city or city-sized area. 
(In other words, it does not have to be urban, but could be.) Gather some 
field recordings from that area, and create music from it. Any amount of 
post-processing is allowed, as long as the original material is field 
recordings from your area. The focus on this comp is to

1) Catalog sounds and music from different locations around the world.
2) Showcase the ideas, interpretations, techniques & approaches of the
musicians creating the work.

Here are the rules in short:

1) Time limit is 7 minutes.
2) No instrumentation of your own! All of the sound sources have to be 
field recordings!
3) You can't record people performing to your commands.
4) You must provide your own photograph of the area you're representing.
This will be used in the CD artwork.
5) I originally set the submission date for September 1st. That's today.
(oops!) Anyway, I'm hoping to receive all the submissions within a month 
6) Submission formats: CD, Tape, Post on webpage, or transfer via ICQ.
Sorry, I don't have the equipment for Minidisc or DAT submissions.

The name of the disc will be "CT Project:  Locations Vol. 2". The CT 
is a group of about 60 musicians from around the world that puts out 
compilations. We have a yahoo group and a webpage at http://loopxchange.com

This is for an "amateur" compilation, meaning it will be on CD-R unless 
experimental label finds they really like it and wants to distribute it. 
However, I am taking it very seriously, and it will be a nicely packaged, 
well-organized comp. (Volume 1 sounds excellent!)
Otherwise, it'll be released under my own Ribosome Music. Each musician
retains the rights to his/her piece.

Thank you!

Matt Davignon

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