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EDP question/etc.

First, a "looper theory" question -
Does anybody know of a looping device that permits you to record your
initial loop in REVERSE?

I have been thinking about this a great deal and, so far, I don't think 
is a necessary feature for any looper.  Every looper that I'm aware of
requires that you record in the forward direction initially.  Can anybody
think of a reason to record in REVERSE initially?

It seems to me that you might want to record FORWARD then have the playback
start in REVERSE.  But I don't see a reason to record initially in REVERSE.


Second, an EDP observation -
In playing with REVERSE on the EDP, I got the UNDO LED to blink 
and I'm not sure what it's trying to tell me.
In sequence, do:
1) Press RECORD; record a short loop.  Press RECORD again to initiate
2) Press PARAMETER (to select the Timing row).
3) Press REVERSE (UNDO).
        a) Loop playback reverses.
        b) UNDO LED turns red.
4) Press UNDO.
        a) UNDO LED turn green.
        b) Loop plays back forward.
        c) The UNDO LED blinks off then on at the beginning of the loop.

So why does the LED blink?  What's it mean?

Dennis Leas