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Re: EDP question/etc.

I was sorta hopin' for somethin' with about a 20 min. loop that I could 
to use in the stock markets for just a day or two (I'm not greedy).  And 
might be a few physicist out there that would be pretty interested in such 
device no matter how short it's looping capabilities.

Dennis Leas wrote:

> First, a "looper theory" question -
> Does anybody know of a looping device that permits you to record your
> initial loop in REVERSE?
> I have been thinking about this a great deal and, so far, I don't think 
> is a necessary feature for any looper.  Every looper that I'm aware of
> requires that you record in the forward direction initially.  Can anybody
> think of a reason to record in REVERSE initially?
> It seems to me that you might want to record FORWARD then have the 
> start in REVERSE.  But I don't see a reason to record initially in 
> Comments?