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Re: EDP question/etc.

> I was sorta hopin' for somethin' with about a 20 min. loop that I could
> to use in the stock markets for just a day or two (I'm not greedy).  And
> might be a few physicist out there that would be pretty interested in 
> device no matter how short it's looping capabilities.

Very good!  :D

Ok, I can tell I need to clarify things some...

I'm writing some looping tools.  So if I'm initially recording in REVERSE,
it means I'm accessing the wavetable RAM buffer in reverse order (from high
memory towards low).

I want my looping tools to be concise but general-purpose.  If it doesn't
need a feature, I don't want to include it.  (Yes, that seems to go against
today's design philosophy.)

In the meantime, doesn't the Againator have a precognition mode?  I think
you set the pre-loop delay to a negative value or something....perhaps it's
listed under "look before you loop" in the index.

Dennis Leas