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Re: two minds

DLM writes:

>It has become clear, following this list over years, that loopers seem to 
>of two minds.  The Acid guys and the EDP guys are really two completely
>separate camps.  Those of us on "Kim's side" can't understand the desire 
>save a loop; a never-changing loop just isn't the living thing that an
>evolving loop is.  I equate the static loop with MIDI music, which is a
>spitting out of notes and sounds on command.  Not to discredit that
>approach, but I feel that it's a very different animal.  Not looking to
>start a holy war here, but there is a very strict division between these
>mindsets, and I think we should recognize this.  Could it actually call 
>two separate lists?

but this list is mostly about the live side anyway... a few canned loopers
show up, make some noise (like Caliban Epheseus Wormtongue or whatever
his name was) and then disappear...!


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