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Re: two minds

You miss the point (Mark begins crusade) a saved "static" loop isn't 
what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about the ability to record what 
you are playing live (quite unlike a sequenced MIDI loop) Save it to a 
new loop, continue fade/adding to your loop for hours if need be, then 
going back to your original saved loop, but now have it play back 
synched to a totally different tempo.

Mark Sottilaro

On Sunday, September 30, 2001, at 07:01 PM, David Myers wrote:

> It has become clear, following this list over years, that loopers seem 
> to be
> of two minds.  The Acid guys and the EDP guys are really two completely
> separate camps.  Those of us on "Kim's side" can't understand the 
> desire to
> save a loop; a never-changing loop just isn't the living thing that an
> evolving loop is.  I equate the static loop with MIDI music, which is a
> spitting out of notes and sounds on command.  Not to discredit that
> approach, but I feel that it's a very different animal.  Not looking to
> start a holy war here, but there is a very strict division between these
> mindsets, and I think we should recognize this.  Could it actually call 
> for
> two separate lists?
> David Lee Myers
> on 9/30/01 4:31 PM, Kim Flint at kflint@loopers-delight.com wrote:
>> With a performance oriented looper like the Echoplex, the whole 
>> feature set
>> is based around the idea of being able to build, manipulate, and evolve
>> loops freely while performing. If all you do with it in performance is 
>> make
>> static, unchanging loops, you are almost missing the point.