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Re: Question on EDP: Non volatile memory?

>I notice an interesting thing with a lot of people as they get more into
>anymore. Instead they think more about recording the whole process as 

yeah ... i think i thought saving just the "loop" part of a looping 
was important till i had a 'Plex for a bout a week. then, i wanted to 
record the
whole experience.

believe it or not, when i found out the 'peater had loop storage, my first
thought was "oh cool i can set up delay rates _ahead_ of time" .... saving
"snapshots" of performances was never something i thought of. so the big
hullaballooo about the peater overdub bullshit didn't bother me in the 

>I listen to
>electronic dance music all the time, even though I don't really do that as
>a musician. Mostly it is a very composed style, created by people sitting
>in front of computers, constructing very static loops that they mix
>together in different ways to make a composition

unfortunately that's the way it is now, with your standard Shitty Trance
Spamming MP3.COM Artist. however, i have the pleasure of working with an
old-school acid house guy who lives here in town alot, and he can really 
his (minimal) gear. i've never heard so much _sound_ come from a TR-909 and
SH-101/TB-303 (slaved) setup.

Eric Williamson