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COMPUTER PLUGINS for LOOP PROCESSING: a proposed new thread

Hey guys,

   I just discovered a very hip plug-in freeware site (for both PC and Mac)
and realized that I've really gotten some wonderful results from very
creative and frequently very strange freeware and shareware programs (some
pricey ones, too ;0

 How's about an update thread on all of the killer plugins everyone has
discovered to process their loops in the computer?  Feel free to include
things that you use that weren't designed for music, too.....some of these
are my favorites.

If anyone is up for this idea I would suggest that we break it down into
these simple categories with the corresponding URLS for each piece of

Mac  freeware
Mac  shareware (and suggested price)
Mac  regular ware (and street price)

PC   freeware
PC   shareware (and suggested price)
PC   regular ware (and street price)

Let me also propose that we try to send any freeware developers whose
program we use copies of our music as a small thanks for all of their
selfless hardwork designing so that we can be creative.  Hell, send your
music to all of the brilliant sound designers out their, amateur or
professional..........nobodies getting rich doing this wonderful work.

yours,  Rick Walker (loop.pool)