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Re: two minds

>>It has become clear, following this list over years, that loopers seem 
>to be
>>of two minds.  The Acid guys and the EDP guys are really two completely
>>separate camps.

I really don't see it this way. Of course, I use neither a Acid nor 
an EDP, but I do see what you mean. At home, I build loop-based stuff 
using Logic Audio. I almost always take my Boomerang to the gigs I 
play bass on. I do live sets with a DJ using a setup based around 
drum machines and MIDI-sync'd efx. If the list splits, I'd probably 
subscribe to both. I'd rather see it stay as one list myself, I think 
that there's more possibility of creative sparks flying from having a 
diverse group of contributors.

>  >Those of us on "Kim's side" can't understand the desire to
>>save a loop; a never-changing loop just isn't the living thing that an
>>evolving loop is.  I equate the static loop with MIDI music, which is a
>>spitting out of notes and sounds on command.  Not to discredit that
>>approach, but I feel that it's a very different animal.

I do live stuff with MIDI that often starts with very little 
pre-programmed, maybe just a single line and a drum pattern. From 
there, I generate streams of stuff using arpeggiators, 
step-sequencers under live control, looping non-midi instruments, 
etc. I try to make it non-static, constantly evolving.
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