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Re: Question on EDP

>At 7:28 PM -0700 9/29/01, Mark Landman wrote:
>>The EDP has many great strengths, it remains the solo looper monster
>>machine, however, off-loading loops isn't the EDP's strength. Midi (think
>>glacial speed, then cut in half) is the only supported off-loading
>>mechanism. The RAM is indeed non-volatile.
>Mark, you probably meant to say volatile here? The EDP uses DRAM on
>old-school 30 pin SIMMS, so it forgets when it gets powered off.

Arrrgh- Thanks Chris, yes, I meant to say volatile.

It's funny, I use an older email program that doesn't have any built-in
spell check, so quite often I cringe when I see one of my posts and notice
a spelling gaffe, so the one time I don't notice any spelling calamities, I
manage to have a huge brain gaffe...

Oh well...

My main point was that the EDP shines in loop creation, manipulation, etc,
and that the volatility of it's loops may not be as important as you'd
initially think.