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Re: OT: drum machine / groovebox

When using a unit as a master clock to multiple units, how are you 
splitting the signal?  Is there a standard methodology to doing such?

or are they just running the midi outs of each unit to the next one's midi 

>I have a Roland MC-303 that acts as the source of MIDI-clock in my 
>live-looping/electronics setup. It sends MIDI sync to a Kurzweill 
>Expressionmate, a JamMan, a MoFx, A Korg ER-1, and a Nord 
>MicroModular running a number of step-sequencer based patches. 
>Planning on adding a Repeater soon...
>>hi there !
>>      i was wondering which
>>      drum machine / groovebox
>>      are you using in combination
>>      with your realtime loopage
>>      in your live set up.
>>      does anybody sync. xuccesfully
>>      with the 'plex some of these units
>>      yamaha rmx1
>>      yamaha an200
>>      yamaha dx200
>>      korg er-1
>>      jomox xbase09
>>      any recommendations ?
>>thanks in advance !
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