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RE: reply sometimes not to the list?++++


this time, your email address really was bouncing all weekend so the list 
server unsubscribed you. In fact, I was still getting bounce reports from 
your domain this morning.

It did happen before that someone's mail server was sending incorrectly 
formatted bounce messages, which confused our list server into 
unsubscribing the wrong people's address. I pointed out that problem to 
person and it hasn't happened since. I do watch for that now.

also, as previously noted, technical problems with the list can be brought 
to my attention directly. You don't have to send it to the whole list to 
tell me if something is wrong.


At 10:53 AM 10/1/2001, Liebig, Steuart A. wrote:

>this happens to me, too. i try to remember to look at the addressee 
>i hit send in my normal knee-jerk reaction.
>another thing that happens - - i've been automatically "unsubcribed" two 
>times now for other people's mailboxes being too full (?they're on 
>vacation or something?) . . . i get ousted for their boxes bouncing my 
>message. i remember that someone else had this same problem about a month 
>or so ago.
>anyone else have this problem?

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